Alan welcomes Ferries' release


06 September 2012

Alan today welcomed the announcement that his constituents Andy and Tracey Ferrie will not be prosecuted after defending their home against burglars.

Alan had spoken out in the national media in defence of Mr and Mrs Ferrie following their arrest Finance in the early hours of Sunday 31st August after they were targeted by thieves and had strongly called for them to avoid charges.

In a statement, the Crown Prosecution Service confirmed that the Ferries have been released without charge. Alan has now called for confirmation from the police that their records will remain entirely clean and free of any caution.

Responding to the news, Alan said: ‘This is the right decision. As I argued immediately after they were arrested, it is the burglars who are the criminals not the  ictims and I am delighted that justice has prevailed. I hope that Mr and Mrs Ferrie will now be able to move on from their ordeal in the knowledge that they have been exonated and that their actions were entirely proportionate and reasonable.’

Click below to hear Alan's interview with radio station LBC after the decision was announced: