Alan makes Boundary Commission appearance


02 November 2011

On Tuesday 1st November Alan responded to proposals to carve up the long-standing boundaries of the constituency and wrench apart Rutland & Melton.

The counter-proposals to the Boundary Commission’s preliminary decision to leave the seat intact would see Rutland forced into union with neighbouring Corby, while creating a residual constituency taking in wards from Harborough, Melton and Nottinghamshire. The plans run against the Boundary Commission’s declaration last month that any change to the current set-up would be unnecessary. The Commission opted to make the seat one of a small number to be untouched by the nationwide redrawing of the electoral map.

In an appearance in person at the Public Hearing in Northampton, Alan launched a vigorous defence of the relationship between Rutland, Melton and Harborough and argued that the suggestions fly in the face of the Commission’s own guidelines.

Speaking after his appearance, Alan said: 'Everyone in Rutland will hate this idea, which will strike anyone with any knowledge of the county as ludicrous. I have had the honour to be Member of Parliament for Rutland & Melton for almost 20 years and I would urge those who wish to see it remain in its current form to make their feelings known to the Boundary Commission.'