Court victory for Rutland


13 February 2012

MP Alan Duncan and High Sheriff Peter Lawson have succeeded in upholding the name of Rutland in the English courts system.

In a letter to the MP last week, Justice Secretary Ken Clarke confirmed that plans to exclude Rutland’s name from the official name of a new regional court cluster were to be reversed. A recent reorganisation of court clusters was due to create a new grouping simply called ‘Lincolnshire, Leicestershire and Northamptonshire’, despite it also covering Rutland.

When Peter Lawson learnt of the plans before Christmas he wrote to the Ministry of Justice, only to be told by an official that they would not be changing their mind and would not add the county’s name to the list. He subsequently enlisted the help of Alan Duncan, who made representations directly to Ken Clarke. As his letter confirms, as a result of these discussions Ken Clarke has intervened personally and the historic county’s name will now be added.

Alan said: ‘I pounced on him in the corridor and asked him to look out for my letter. I said we might be little, but we are a county, and it is surely absurd and unreasonable that we might end up as the only county in England not to be included in the official title of the newly-structured court system. The great thing about Ken is that he is very decisive, and if he thinks there is a good case for something he won’t let civil servants pull the wool over his eyes. He has been really helpful on this, and Rutland should be grateful to him’

Peter Lawson said: “Appointed by Her Majesty to maintain justice within the County, this change was important for me. Although we have a Crown Court in Oakham Castle every two years, it is essential that Rutland is properly recognised across all parts of the justice system. That we have now achieved.”

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