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St George’s Barracks is due to close in 2021/22 as part of the MOD’s Better Defence Estate strategy, which aims to establish a more efficient, modern and capability focused defence estate. The strategy is a long-term approach to transform an estate built for previous generations of war fighting into one that will better support the Armed Forces’ future needs.

Rutland County Council have joined together with the Ministry of Defence (MOD) and other local partners to look at how the site can be developed. 

The shared vision is a mixed-use, sustainable community with four zones: a new ‘garden village’, a business/enterprise zone, leisure and recreation and minerals extraction. It is critical that we have sufficient and sustainable infrastructure to support this growth. This is something I have and will continue to discuss with Rutland County Council in great detail over the coming months. 

The initial Master Plan was released in May 2018. A period of informal consultation followed, following which the Council looked in detail at all the responses and formed a more detailed plan. This has now resulted in the Evolving Masterplan. 

For further information and updates on the project, please visit the St George's development website.  Here you will find a copy of the Evolving Masterplan along with lots of other information.