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Turkey 2018, Gallipoli commemorations
Alan as Minister of State

Minister for Europe attends Gallipoli commemorations in Turkey

  • Apr 24, 2018

The UK’s Minister for Europe, Sir Alan Duncan, visited Turkey for the 2018 Gallipoli commemorations.

The Minister paid respects to allied forces who lost their lives over a century ago in the World War One Gallipoli campaign.

Sir Alan attended an International Service of Commemoration where he was invited to deliver a speech of reconciliation and lay a wreath.

He will join other dignitaries from around the world representing New Zealand, Australia and France.

The Minister for Europe Sir Alan Duncan said:

I am honoured to attend the Gallipoli commemorations and pay respects to allied forces who fought in the World War One campaign.

It is also a remarkable testament to the power of reconciliation that a century after Turkey and the UK were on opposite sides, we now stand shoulder to shoulder as NATO allies and trusted friends.