Alan addresses A-Level Politics Conference

On Monday 2nd December Alan attended the 23rd annual A-Level Politics Student Conference at Westminster Central Hall to speak to thousands of A-Level pupils.

Alan spoke about his position as Minister of State for International Development and drew attention to the DFID’s crucial role in organising relief efforts in the Philippines following the destruction wrought by Typhoon Haiyan.

Alan also took questions from a number of students about his speech and his wider political views. Questions ranged from the legacy of Baroness Thatcher to rates of taxation and even defence expenditure and procurement.

Afterwards Alan said: “I love speaking at this conference every year. I never fail to be impressed by the passion they have for the subject- they certainly give those of us who come over from the House of Commons a run for our money! I am sure they took a lot out of the whole day and enjoyed themselves once again.’