Alan calls for Rutland addresses

Alan has called for the Royal Mail to finally end cases of Rutland addresses being labelled as Leicestershire, and has called on constituents to help.

Despite Rutland having regained its status as a unitary authority over 15 years ago, many addresses in the county are erroneously marked as falling within Leicestershire. In some cases, online retail systems refuse to recognise Rutland as a county, forcing shoppers to put down the wrong county in order to ensure delivery. The Postal Address File (PAF) is licensed by Royal Mail to third parties to use, but many are proving lax on the detail.

This is a separate issue to the question of what postcode addresses in Rutland should fall under and instead relates to the fact that all properties within ‘LE15’ should end with Rutland as the county, not Leicestershire. Post to 'LE15' addresses is sorted in Leicester, just as PE9 is sorted in Peterborough.

It is therefore not a call for a Rutland postcode.

As MP, Alan has been arguing for Rutland’s independence to be respected in the postal system for over a decade, and has now called on Rutlanders who have themselves had their addresses wrongly marked as being in Leicestershire to help him sort the problem once and for all, by sending him their addresses. The Royal Mail, in a letter to Alan, have promised to investigate any examples provided of Rutland addresses not being used properly.

Alan said: ‘Many of us are fed up with receiving bills, letters or packages that make Rutland out to be in Leicestershire or worse not exist at all. It shouldn’t be hard for companies to get the basics right. We are our own county and want to be recognised as such. I call on people who have had their Rutland addresses put in the wrong county to get in touch so I can show the Royal Mail exactly where the gaps in the system are.’

People wishing to get in touch to provide their addresses can do so by e-mailing