Alan criticises Asfordby Windfarm plans

Alan has criticised the consultation process for the construction of a wind farm between Asfordby and Ab Kettleby, on an old colliery site. Alan met with supporters of STOP, the campaign group, on Friday 1 October. Peel, the company proposing to build the turbines, had briefed Alan’s team on their plans on Wednesday 15 September.

In a letter to Peel’s Managing Director, Stephen Klein, Alan thanked Peel for keeping him informed but criticised the process they had adopted. He said, ‘The contours around Asfordby are variable, and impossible to comprehend from the map and photographs. The only convincing means of appreciating the visual impact and scale of your proposed turbines is to float a blimp at the highest point of the rotor blade. This may need to be done from a number of points on the ground given the number of turbines planned.

‘I understand you have refused point blank to fly balloons in this way, which is a decision I find quite unacceptable. This is an inexpensive and helpful way to illustrate the scale of the construction you propose and I must therefore please ask you that you are prepared to change your mind and do this in a well-publicised manner in advance of any planning decision by Melton Borough Council.’