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Alan criticises decision to reduce local bus service

Alan has criticised Centrebus’ decision to withdraw part of the Service 19 which runs between Nottingham and Peterborough via Oakham in a cost-cutting exercise. 

Centrebus intend to remove the early and late journeys and all Saturday services from the section between Oakham and Stamford. This means that the earliest arrival in Oakham from Stamford will be 0850 and the latest departure from Oakham to Stamford will be 1605.

The earliest arrival in Stamford from Oakham will be 0812 and the latest departure from Stamford to Oakham will be 1655.  

This will affect many people, including those returning home from work in the evenings, as well as those who regularly use the service on Saturdays to shop and attend appointments in Oakham and Stamford. 

Alan has written to Rutland County Council to voice his dismay about the proposal and get assurances that those who rely on this current service will not be disadvantaged. He has also written to Centrebus to stress how critical this bus route is to many of his constituents and urge them to reconsider.

"Not only was this decision poorly thought out, it was taken with no consultation whatsoever with those affected. I have had correspondence with some disabled and elderly constituents who had heard of this change by word of mouth and were very worried that the service was being cut altogether, leaving them isolated. 

"We need an effective rural bus service in Rutland which connects people to our thriving towns and villages. Good public transport options provide a vital lifeline to those who are otherwise unable to get around and lead independent lives. I will be following this matter very closely."