Alan helps net broadband money

Alan Duncan has helped Rutland Council secure £705,000 of central government money for improvements to the County’s broadband. Central Government has allocated £3,880,000 funding for Rutland, Leicester and Leicestershire, £705,000 of which has been allocated to Rutland.

Alan fought hard on the County’s behalf, writing on numerous occasions to the Minister responsible, Hon Ed Vaizey MP, reiterating the case. The most recent letter, on 20th July enclosed a report which showed Rutland had some of the slowest broadband in the country. The map showing this can be located at

Alan told Ed Vaizey, “Speed in delivery is vital to address Rutland’s disadvantage. The Council has acted efficiently and effectively and it is now BDUK’s turn to act decisively and support the Council’s bid. The time has now come for BDUK to support this project and to turn this red patch blue!”

Following the decision, Alan has commented that “I’ve been lobbying DCMS very hard for the last few months and the Minister, Ed Vaizey has been very understanding. I am delighted that Rutland will now have proper funding to address its acute broadband black spot.”