Alan helps secure Essendine Broadband improvement

Alan has this week been thanked by Essendine Parish Council for ensuring the village received broadband on time. As MP, he lobbied BT Openreach, who are responsible for the network, to speed up its delivery of necessary parts.

Local company, Rutland Telecom, had contracted with Openreach and the people of Essendine to deliver broadband.

A spokesperson for the company said "We are pleased that the intervention of Alan Duncan helped ensure that our superfast broadband project in Essendine is now proceeding after suffering unacceptable delays from BT Openreach. The residents of Essendine will now be able to enjoy the fastest broadband speeds for any rural village in the UK."

Parish Councillor, Ian Collis, told Alan “It seems that BT Openreach has completed all the required work at least a month earlier than forecast.  We are convinced that your intervention has made all the difference and I would like to thank you very much on behalf of Essendine for your work on our behalf.”

Alan said, “Broadband is the future for Rutland. I lobbied hard for BT Openreach to up their game because businesses and residents need fast internet. I am grateful for BT’s efforts to make this happen and would like to thank the Parish Council and Rutland Telecom for their determination.”