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Alan hits out at dementia care decision

Alan has strongly criticised plans to cease funding for a dementia care centre in Melton Mowbray.

Gloucester House, which is run by by Age UK and provides care to almost fifty people, is under threat following the decision by the East Leicestershire and Rutland Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) to end funding for the service later in the year.

The decision has caused distress to local people who rely on the service and Alan has called on the CCG to reverse the decision or else identify alternative funding. In recent weeks he has spoken at length to Age UK and the Chief Executive of the CCG. He has also spoken on BBC Radio Leicester and East Midlands Today to underline his opposition to the plans.

Alan said: ‘This has been a highly unsatisfactory process and the CCG are in no doubt about how I and local people feel about this.

Claiming this is social care not clinical care might be a useful way for the CCG to pass the costs onto someone else’s budget, but the real costs will be borne by those who rely on the service unless they get a grip of this. I am working hard with neighbouring MP Ed Argar, who faces a similar situation in Charnwood, to secure a proper solution.

Closing Gloucester House would be a total false economy, pushing people into full time care at much higher costs and stretching carers beyond breaking point. This is a mess of the CCG’s own making – it is their responsibility to sort it out.’