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Alan Meets Sale School Children

Alan made local news on 27th January... in Sale. Bumping into a group of Sale school children as he emerged from a Downing Street meeting, Alan chatted and signed autographs for the pupils, who were on a trip to London to learn how the Houses of Parliament work. The text of the article is reproduced from the Sale Messenger below:


Sale school visits Downing Street

A GROUP of Sale school children got the chance to visit Downing Street last week.

And although the PM was too busy to personally greet two classes from St Joseph’s, the group bumped in to Alan Duncan - minister for international development - on the world famous road who spent five minutes chatting with the children and signing autographs.

Youngsters from the Marlborough Road school then enjoyed a tour around the House of Parliament.

Headteacher Barbara Harold who accompanied the visit told SAM: “The children loved it! They were very excited about visiting Downing Street, although unfortunately David Cameron was busy. But Alan Duncan came out and gave them signatures, although the children didn’t know who he was!

“We thought it would be a good idea for the children to see what the Houses of Parliament is all about and what MPs do should any of them seek to become one.”

Pupil James Bowen, 11, who went on the trip, said: "It was really exciting - Alan Duncan asked us which school we were from, what year we were in and how old we were. It was the best trip I've been on."