Alan opposes Asfordby Wind Farm Proposal

Alan Duncan has sided with local campaigners against Peel Energy’s proposal to build a nine turbine wind farm at the old UK Coal site between Asfordby and Ab Kettleby.

Alan has previously been briefed by both Peel Energy and members of the STOP campaign group. Alan demanded Peel fly a blimp at the height of the proposed turbines so that residents could get an idea of their impact. Peel did this on Friday 4th and Saturday 5th March.

Alan visited the site for himself on 4th March and met up with campaigners Chas Edgington, Bill Musson and Ruth North. He said:

‘I visited the site myself to see the proposed height of the wind turbines, and they will be very, very high. I was shocked at just how tall they will be, and their proximity to the villages. Local campaigners are rightly aghast at the potential impact on their homes and on the view, which will be dominated by turbines.’

‘Campaigners are well aware that there is an urgent need for the UK to reduce its dependence on oil and to stop pumping out greenhouse gasses. My preferred option has always been the nuclear option and offshore wind. But this is completely the wrong site for a wind farm and I support STOP’s campaign against it.’