Alan raises Old Dalby Test Track safety concerns

On Friday 19th June Alan met local residents in Old Dalby to discuss concerns about fencing along the Old Dalby test track.

Alan agreed with residents, who do not believe the current fencing is sufficient to stop livestock wandering onto the track or, more worryingly, to prevent young people from trespassing on the line. This is particularly concerning due to the presence of live track, rather than just overhead lines.

Following the meeting Sir Alan wrote to the Chief Executive of Serco to ask senior managers to meet local people at the site to discuss what improvements can be made.

Alan said: ‘Local people are right to be concerned as these fences just simply aren’t up to the job.

Everyone knows people should not trespass on the lines, but Serco has a responsibility to make it harder than it currently is for that to happen, particularly because there is live track, as well as overhead wires. There is no doubt that improvements have to be made.

This does not, of course, mean that we should stop drumming into people how dangerous it is to trespass. ’