Alan releases template Rutland address complaint letter

Alan has encouraged residents living in LE15 to send the following letter to companies that refuse to address them as living in Rutland:


Dear Sir or Madam

Incorrect addressing of Rutland properties

I am writing to complain about your failure to correctly express the addresses of customers living in Rutland. I have received post from you that addresses my property as being in Oakham, Leicestershire/Oakham, Leicestershire, Rutland [delete as appropriate].

This is wholly and utterly incorrect.

Rutland is not in Leicestershire. It is a county in its own right and has been re-established as a unitary authority for 15 years. It is not a region of Leicestershire and should not be treated as an afterthought or an optional extra in any cogent postal address system. To say that Oakham is in Leicestershire is as wrong as saying London is in Scotland. Put simply, any address that falls within the catchment area of the ‘LE15’ postcode is always in Rutland and never in Leicestershire.

It is a source of constant irritation to Rutlanders such as me that companies like yours display sloppiness and ignorance in the way they deliver post to us.

I would appreciate your assurance that you will undertake immediately to amend any records you hold for customers with ‘LE15’ postcodes to read as being in Rutland and that any external address files you use from the Royal Mail are properly followed.

In the meantime I intend to forward all current and future incorrectly labelled post from you to the Royal Mail as evidence of your incorrect use of their Postal Address File.

Yours faithfully

A. Rutlander