Alan secures blimp victory


Alan has secured assurance that blimps are to be flown at the site of two proposed wind turbines in Ketton, Rutland.

The news follows a protracted effort from Alan to convince the applicant, REG Windpower, to reverse their original refusal to fly the blimps to demonstrate the size of the turbines being applied for. In a letter last week, however, REG Windpower confirmed that they have agreed to his request and that blimps will now be floated this Thursday 24th May to mark the height of both the centre of the blades and their uppermost tip.

Welcoming the news, Alan said: ‘I am pleased that REG have finally accepted my suggestion to fly a blimp. When I first made the request it was rejected out of hand by REG but now Ketton residents will be able to see for themselves the height of the turbines. I have always said that a blimp is the best way to understand the size and visual impact of the turbines and I am glad REG have now come around to my way of thinking.’