Alan slams blimp refusal

Alan has strongly criticised the refusal of a potential wind farm applicant to consider flying a blimp. Last week Alan wrote to Wind Ventures Ltd to encourage them to act on the suggestions of local residents and float a blimp to the height of the tip of the proposed turbines at the former RAF Melton Mowbray site.

In a subsequent e-mail to a resident, however, Wind Ventures has declined to do so, saying ‘this will not be the best way for local people to accurately assess the visual impact of the proposed turbines’.

Alan said: ‘The applicant has missed a golden opportunity to show that it is truly committed to consulting local people. The idea that it is not representative of the impact of the turbine is laughable- it is the only way someone can physically see with their own eyes how high a turbine would be. I strongly encourage the applicant to reconsider as if it digs its heels in on this, it will be needlessly throwing away a lot of local goodwill.’