Alan tackles increase in crime in Melton

  • Oct 5, 2017

Last Friday I spent time in Melton speaking to local residents and discussing the issues that are of concern to them. Understandably, tacking the recent spate of crime was high on many people’s agenda, and it was good to meet with Inspector Gavin Drummond in the high street to talk through this problem. Ultimately, all of us – the police, the courts, and locally elected representatives – need to work together to get a handle on what is driving people to crime, why it has increased, and what we can do to stamp it out.  

It is evident that the supply of drugs is a particular problem and I have been very clear that those who do wrong must face the full consequences of their actions through tough sentences. Our excellent local police force have my full support in combating this issue, and as many will know, there is a public meeting on Thursday 26th October at 6pm at the Melton council offices to allow residents to talk about this matter with the police. It will certainly be a useful opportunity for the local community to have a frank discussion about what they would like to see done over the coming months.