Alan tells Royal Mail: 'Stop calling us Leicestershire'

Alan has called on the Royal Mail to act on the evidence of constituents and stop calling Rutland Leicestershire and respect its place in the postal system.

In February Alan issued a call to constituents living within the ‘LE15’ postcode to pass on examples of companies wrongly labelling their addresses as Leicestershire, not Rutland. Dozens of Rutlanders responded, contributing to a ‘List of Shame’ of almost 70 companies that routinely disregard Rutland. Several big name companies like Tesco, Sky, EON, N-Power, Marks & Spencer, Amazon and Halifax make up the list, along with government departments HMRC and the Department for Work and Pensions.

The full list of companies that constituents have reported as getting it wrong is available at:

Publishing a template complaint letter on his website Alan has called on constituents to make their feelings known directly to the companies that get it wrong.

The letter is available at:

The Postal Address File (PAF) is sold under licence to third party companies but, despite an overhaul from the Royal Mail in 2007/08 that specified over 20,000 addresses as falling within Rutland, many firms incorrectly treat ‘LE15’ as a part of Leicestershire.

In a letter to Royal Mail Chief Executive Moya Greene,  Alan presented the full list, along with a call for them to crack down on ‘lazy companies’ that get it wrong.

He also highlighted examples of the Royal Mail and Post Office themselves getting it wrong.

Alan said: ‘Judging by the scale of the response, my appeal clearly touched a never with Rutlanders frustrated at being ignored. We are not asking for a Rutland postcode or a huge change to the system, just that they ensure Rutland is respected. Saying ‘Oakham, Leicestershire’ is like saying ‘London, Scotland’- it is just wrong. I have been banging away at the Royal Mail on this for over ten years now- it’s time for them to deliver on their promises and sort this out once and for all.’