Leicestershire County Council passes Melton by-pass planning application

  • Jun 10, 2019

I am very pleased that the plans for the Melton by-pass are continuing to make steady progress, with Leicestershire County Council passing the planning application for the 4.4 mile northern section of the road last month. The proposals that have been approved include a re-alignment of the River Eye and the creation of six roundabouts. The route of the road runs from the A606 Nottingham Road and crosses Scalford Road, Melton Spinney Road and Thorpe Road (A607), before re-joining the A606 Burton Road.

Leicestershire County Council and Melton Borough Council have been working incredibly closely on this, and as we begin to reach what is the culmination of the pre-development phase, it’s worth remembering the years of hard work and planning both have dedicated to this project, without which we would not have got to this point.

It has, of course, been a long journey, but through extensive consultation and engagement with both the public and interested stakeholders, I am confident the route has been refined and improved for the benefit of the majority. Indeed, as a result of the feedback received, changes have been implemented to minimise the impact on the environment, local landowners and residents, and to ensure the project best supports the future development and growth of Melton. Work on the relief road is set to start next year and is expected to be completed in 2022.

Much of this is being made possible through a grant of £49.5 million from the Department for Transport’s Large Local Majors Fund. Announced last year, this funding commitment followed a concerted and effective campaigning effort from our local councils, as well as lobbying in Parliament by myself.

Working together, we have achieved what will, I believe, be a real gamechanger for Melton, reducing congestion, providing new opportunities for employment and housing, and ultimately, ensuring the future prosperity of our vibrant town. I look forward to continuing working with everyone involved.