Planning consultation "vital" says Alan

Local MP, Alan Duncan, has argued it is vital for constituents to respond to the Government’s new consultation on planning law. The consultation closes on 17 October 2011. 

The Government is inviting views on the draft National Planning Policy Framework - which streamlines national policy from over 1,000 pages to just 52 pages of policy - as part of a consultation to get the planning system right for current and future generations. 

The draft Framework also underlines the need for councils to work closely with communities and businesses and actively seek opportunities for sustainable growth to rebuild the economy; helping to deliver the homes, jobs, and infrastructure needed for a growing population whilst protecting the environment. 

Alan said, “There are few issues that fire-up people as much as planning disputes, whether housing, windfarms or supermarkets. The last Government left us a tangled mess of overlapping guidance and we need to cut it down to size. 

“It is vital that constituents show the passion and intelligence in thinking about these national guidelines as they do when considering local planning issues, because of the impact they will have here. We have a chance to get this right for future generations and we should not waste it.”   

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